Los Banos Accident at Highway 152 and Volta Road Injures 3

Los Banos Accident
Los Banos, CA: 3 Hospitalized after Multiple Vehicles Crash at Highway 152 and Volta Road

Los Banos, California (September 12, 2021) – The California Highway Patrol is investigating the cause of a two-vehicle collision that left three people hurt in Los Banos Sunday evening.

The two-vehicle accident happened near Highway 152 and Volta Road at approximately 6:52 p.m.

Although it was not immediately established how the crash occurred near the intersection, both vehicles acquired major damages.

Minor Injury Los Banos Car Crash

Medical personnel responded to the scene shortly after the collision and attended three people who had sustained minor injuries following the accident.

The unidentified victims were then rushed to the Memorial Hospital Los Banos for further medical aid.

An investigation into the collision is underway.

Tips on What to do after a Car Accident in California

  • Always stop and remain at the scene.
  • Check if you or your passengers have been injured. In case someone is hurt, call emergency services or ask someone else to help.
  • Get to safety – If your car is drivable, move it to a safe area. If it’s not, turn your hazard lights on and set up flares.
  • Call 911 to report the accident.
  • Never discuss or admit fault. Instead, wait for a police officer and insurance companies representatives to figure out the fault.
  • Document the accident and exchange information with other drivers.

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