At Least 2 Injured in Ventura Fiery Crash Involving Ambulance on Main Street Outside Target Store

Ventura Fiery Crash
Driver Fleeing CHP Officers Hits Ambulance, Both Vehicles Burst in Flames

Ventura, California (November 7, 2023) – At least two people, including a paramedic, were hurt when a driver fleeing California Highway Patrol officers slammed into an ambulance, causing both vehicles to explode in flames, as per a local news source.

The incident occurred late Monday night on Main Street outside a Target store.

A suspect was being pursued by police for an unknown reason when the car hit an ambulance at a high rate of speed.

Both vehicles caught fire and became fully engulfed in flames.

A paramedic and another person were being treated at the scene for unknown injuries as first responders were extinguishing the fire.

There were no other details available.

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