1 Injured in Hanford Truck Accident on 14th Avenue at Jackson Avenue

Hanford Truck Accident
1 Injured in Hanford Truck Accident on 14th Avenue at Jackson Avenue

Hanford, California (February 14, 2023) – One person was hurt following a semi-truck accident that injured one person on Monday evening in Hanford, according to police.

The big rig collision occurred on 14th Avenue at Jackson Avenue on February 13.

Per the police report, a semi-truck and a white Mazda CX5 SUV crashed for reasons yet to be determined. The SUV was overturned on its sides following the crash.

Responding emergency crews and medical personnel aided one party hurt in the collision. The patient’s name and current condition were not released.

The vehicles were towed away from the accident scene.

No other information regarding this incident was provided.

An investigation is underway.

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